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As a Certified Professional Accountant in Long Island, NY, it is my obligation to uphold the highest standards of ethics and trustworthiness. Without these two, my business would fail and my clients would be deeply hurt financially. With professionalism, comes great responsibility and as a CPA serving clients all throughout New York State, it’s not only my duty to provide the best possible accounting services, but also my obligation. When I became a CPA and opened my Long Island CPA firm; Richard Klein CPA-PC in Plainview, I made a commitment to my clients and any other individuals or businesses that I would serve in the future, to abide by the most current tax and business laws and to ensure that each client’s current situation is perfected. This means that their business’s finances are in an optimal state and taxes are augmented to ensure proper deductions, fees, and other laws are accounted for.

My team and I pride ourselves on the trustworthiness and reliability of Richard L. Klein – CPA PC because we believe in top-notch accounting services and will not settle for anything less. Our goal is to create a 100% client satisfaction rate, because anything less is simply not acceptable. The CPA services we provide are nothing less than stellar and in order to maintain this quality of work, we are constantly working with and in communication with each and every client. Whenever you have a question, or simply need guidance, we are here for you. We are not an accounting firm that looks to provide the quick service for a fast return. We build long-term professional relationships with our clients so that we develop only win-win situations.

Long Island is a hotbed for CPA firms, and I don’t want to sound egotistical when I state that we are a top-tier firm on the island, but it is simply the truth. You can trust in me and my firm without hesitation because we use our 37 years of professional experience to put all of our knowledge and efforts into your financial situation, whether it is personal or business related.

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