Income Tax Return Preparation

Income Tax Return

In taxes, as with most other things, planning ahead is important. Decisions made during the year can often reduce the tax burden come filing time. Sometimes, the failure to make proper elections under the tax law can have adverse consequences. Alternative minimum tax consequences, federal and state tax minimization strategies, and general tax compliance are issues we deal with every day.

At the cutting edge of technology, we use the latest, most sophisticated income tax preparation software to provide you with the most accurate returns possible. We offer a secure client portal (see link at bottom of home page) at no charge to you to enable you to safely deliver and receive digital documents. It is as easy to use as attaching a document to an email! Before each tax preparation season, we provide you with a detailed Tax Organizer that is designed to help you gather the necessary information for us to accurately prepare your income tax returns. Many clients thoroughly complete the organizer and many simply use it as a guide for gathering their tax documents. You choose how you would like to use the organizer.

We believe that personal income tax preparation is a collaborative effort. Once you’ve provide us with all of your tax return documents we begin the preparation process, involving you all along the way. For our clients with more complicated returns, we provide draft returns for intermediate review. In all cases, we provide you your income tax returns in a convenient folder with detailed unequivocal instructions and are always available to answer ANY questions.

If you desire, we can deliver your returns as “soft copies” or digitally as PDF files via your portal folder. While this is certainly a greener approach, it is purely optional.

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