Landing An Accounting Job – From A CPA

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countI’m writing this piece in my CPA Blog for all the current and soon to be accounting and business graduates out there. Luckily, if you at least tried a tad in college, there is a job for you out there. The accounting field oversees the entire business world, ultimately keeping everything on a level playing field (speaking ethically of course) while maintaining a desired job market. You will go out into the world, perhaps New York City, perhaps Europe, but anywhere you go, the work will be extremely different from your school curriculum. You learned a broad range of accounting work, and as we all know, realistically most of it you never use. Who really uses calculus anyway? A wise man once told me “you learn things to learn how to learn”.

Why do I tell you this? Because when you get to your cubicle at your job, be ready to learn everything about the company and the inner workings of their operations. It’s not textbook and lecture learning, but rather learning by doing. Your company is successful for a reason…you were successful in school because of your personal ability, and now the firm wants to use your abilities in their well-oiled machine. So be patient, don’t be afraid to make mistakes, learn from your mistakes, and be sure that you feel intellectually stimulated during work.

I know you’re eager to hit that six-digit salary, and it’s known that this does not come immediately with an accounting job. Yes, a CPA will definitely increase your salary, as will time and top-notch work. I have spoken to multiple young professionals who work at various large accounting firms and some of them are developing their own start-up ventures to supplement their income and/or create a sustainable business to become their sole source of income. Many employees at accounting firms feel as if they are not able to express themselves enough creatively, so they set out on a personal mission to build positive change through innovation and passion. These are people and companies whom I love to provide Start-Up consulting services for.


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On June 5, 2014

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