Start Up Consulting

I have been able to work with many new businesses, which is always very gratifying because start-up strategy and consulting is something that I find exhilarating. Much is unknown to companies of this nature and whether you are funded or are bootstrapping with minimal cash on hand, my CPA firm will be of great benefit to you. I have a high tolerance for ambiguity and understand the necessary steps that start-ups must take beginning from the first day of incorporation. I enjoy being the CPA for companies in the early stages of the business lifecycle because seeing a company through from the beginning provides a constant change and the need to continually adapt in order to achieve measurable goals and targets.

If you are starting a new company and need consulting, tax, bookkeeping, strategy, compliance, or financial advice, be sure to contact me at 516-855-1015. Hiring a CPA is of the utmost importance because in business, especially the developmental and growth stages, one mistake can be catastrophic to the future of your business. Richard L Klein – CPA PC ensures that these mistakes don’t happen and if they already have, then I make sure they are resolved in the most effective way. It definitely does not pay to do certain business tasks yourself, when the wrong outcome can cause a huge financial loss. Mitigate the risk that you already have with your new company and allow my firm to assist you with all of your technical business needs.