Tax Planning

Experience & Creativity

At Richard L. Klein, CPA, PC., we are tax professionals who tackle the toughest and most complex tax issues, develop appropriate tax strategies and do the utmost to achieve favorable results for our clients.
Our tax practice is far from limited to April 15th and other tax filing deadlines. We approach tax planning as a strategic, year-round endeavor, monitoring of our clients’ distinct situations, as well as factors that affect them, such as changing tax legislation, rulings and regulations. We continually strive to recognize opportunities to eliminate, minimize or defer business and personal tax liabilities that our clients may face.

By providing our clients with the best possible combination of business and personal tax planning and preparation services, we are able to resourcefully and expertly address a wide range of tax issues.

Understand and know your tax future. Many individuals, especially those who are self-employed, need to have a handle on their tax environment both currently and prospectively. We have the knowledge, experience and technological tools to project tax situations for several years and under several scenarios.

Don’t just accept the standard safe posture that the tax preparation software generates. You can have a sophisticated, customized tax projection that you can use to plan your fiscal life.

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